Dedicated server hosting is one type of hosting service where the individual is able to lease an entire server. Dedicated server hosting is best for clients who require all the server resources. A server could be based on one of two types of operating systems as it could be either on Linux or Windows. Most people end up choosing a Linux based server, but you could get one that is customized to your liking. Additionally, with dedicated server hosting, you will have the option to choose between unmanaged, semi-managed and fully managed hosting services.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting Company Monthly Fee
InMotion Hosting
Single Hop
A2 Hosting

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is nothing like a shared hosting account, as you have a ton of responsibilities. You will need to ensure that the server is up to date, make sure that hardware equipment are working fine and you will need to fix any issues that may arise. There are several advantages and disadvantages to choosing dedicated hosting for your website or websites. It is crucial that you understand your basic web hosting needs, because you should only go for a dedicated server if you really need it.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server provides you with dedicated storage space, CPU and RAM. With shared or VPS hosting, some websites still lag behind due to the excess amount of server resources they require. For websites that are resource intensive or for those that take in millions of visitors on a monthly basis; it will be a good idea to choose a dedicated server. When leasing a dedicated server, you can expect to pay anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the specifications of the server. For high performance servers that come with a lot of extras, you’ll end up paying quite a hefty amount.

Managed, Semi-Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, where you have absolutely no responsibility on the server side, with dedicated hosting, you need to be knowledgeable about how to manage a server. If you aren’t that tech savvy, the best option would be to choose a managed or semi-managed dedicated server hosting plan. With managed hosting, the hosting company would handle all the server updates, fixes and issues; leaving you free from any work. You would still have control over the server, but you’ll have much less to deal with.

Dedicated Server Hosting vs Own Server from Home or Office

Some people have their own server and may choose to host their website from their home or office. There is nothing wrong with that, but what happens if the server goes down during the middle of the night? When you have dedicated server hosting, you aren’t only paying for the server, but for the rack space at the datacenter, premium bandwidth, regular backups, experienced support, redundancy and superior up-time. If you choose an experienced dedicated server hosting company, you can rest assured that they will get your server online in no time.

Dedicated Server Hosting is Best for Large Corporations

Many large scale businesses often use dedicated servers to handle the large influx of visitors to their websites. Be sure to do some research before giving a hosting company your business, as you need to know whether the company will be able to provide top quality service in terms of product offerings and customer service/support.

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